About piracy rate on iOS

“Aqua Globs HD” has a reported 50% piracy rate in OpenFeint logins

TUAW says:
“Still, the app in question is $1.99 — that’s hardly breaking the bank. It’s disappointing to see that even with all of the authentication and verification built in to a platform like the App Store, piracy is still a significant issue.”


It’s stupid though to think AppStore is responsible for pirated apps. It’s about Cydia, not AppStore.

P.S.: On the other hand, imagine these 50 percents of pirated OpenFeint logins belong only to the dumb guys who never thought their crack credentials would be seen in OpenFeint board! I bet there are at least some other 25 percents who installed the app from Installous and thought it would be a dumb thing to login on OpenFeint.

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