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Gestures or Mouse – in OS X Lion

We all saw OS X Lion; it’s touch and gesture based, it resembles iOS big time. Maybe this resemblance makes me see the mouse cursor as something that does not belong there anymore. Swiping, tapping, page-scrolling and so on are … Continue reading

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“Bloomberg Businessweek +” for iPad is a real treat to the eye! Extremely friendly, simple, readable and, gush, you actually don’t have to be a rocket scientist to pay for it! I hope Murdoch will fire the guys doing The … Continue reading

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There is no iPhone

Although it may look quite the opposite, Apple’s main task was not to make a popular, thus a visible device, but to make it fully transparent and even invisible, from user perspective. They managed to build a device that you … Continue reading

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“When technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful, even magical”. Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC and all the others hardware producers that rely on Google’s Android, here is a heads-up: it’s not technology that drives anymore. Building robots (or “Androids”) is no longer a design trend. On the contrary, the less visible the “robot” inside, the stronger the customer attachment.  I’m not inventing things now, I just summarize; it’s a change of mindset that Apple was successfully able to manage. 


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Google takes a reasonable cut from in-app purchase

30%. Compared to Apple’s outrageous 30% from the same service, Google approaches the issue in a much more humane and thoughtful way. You should also remember it’s only around 50k of the total apps in Market that are paid apps … Continue reading

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Why do IPad’s competitors suck. A short logical undergoing

They suck mainly because of the following dialog: Competitor company CEO: “How come Apple makes so much money?” Competitor company Marketing Director: “They’re building innovative products and these products are very well marketed” CEO: “What’s the most innovative device they’ve … Continue reading

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Brainwash is a bitch!…

Christian Zibreg, 9to5 Mac It goes without saying that for many of the iPad-toting toddlers Apple’s iOS devices and Macs will be a natural fit as they enter childhood and teen years. It’s the Apple brainwash and it works like … Continue reading

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