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Bloomberg Businessweek + Advertisements

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“Bloomberg Businessweek +” for iPad is a real treat to the eye! Extremely friendly, simple, readable and, gush, you actually don’t have to be a rocket scientist to pay for it! I hope Murdoch will fire the guys doing The … Continue reading

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There is no iPhone

Although it may look quite the opposite, Apple’s main task was not to make a popular, thus a visible device, but to make it fully transparent and even invisible, from user perspective. They managed to build a device that you … Continue reading

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Europe anti-trust trial against Google

Europe says Google is wrong placing its own preferred results at the top of the results page. Guys, are you stupid?! Google is building all the results! placing a result anyware in their own structure is a fucking decoy!

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In this video you see “UZU” by Jason Smith, nicely covered by Arstechnica and shot with my iPhone at 4 AM. Arstechnica: “Uzu reacts to touches to the screen, and can handle up to 10 instances at any given time. If nothing capable of capacitance is making contact with the screen, green, red, and yellow particles float around in a Brownian motion-inspired dance. By my calculations, at any one time there can be up to 2.25 million calculations taking place. Each particle on screen has 25 properties attached to it, including—but not limited to—position, velocity, acceleration, RGB color, HSV color, and a number of different oscillators. Smith says the “sweet spot” seems to be 3,000 particles on the screen at any given time.” The real feeling, though, cannot be understood only by watching a video, you have to interact with the app. It’s an absolute “there’s no spoon” thing. Edit: There are 9.000 particles displayed, instead of 3.000 “sweet spot” Jason mentioned and the performance is mind blowing. The main reason may be the different hardware – iPad 2 instead of iPad 1. Also, the app is just around 1 MB.

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]renderVideo(“video_player_4437111784”,’’,400,225,’,,,,’)

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“When technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful, even magical”. Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC and all the others hardware producers that rely on Google’s Android, here is a heads-up: it’s not technology that drives anymore. Building robots (or “Androids”) is no longer a design trend. On the contrary, the less visible the “robot” inside, the stronger the customer attachment.  I’m not inventing things now, I just summarize; it’s a change of mindset that Apple was successfully able to manage. 


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Google’s greatest April fool prank

What do you know, maybe Google restricting access to Android is its greatest April fool? Yeah!

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