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“When technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful, even magical”. Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC and all the others hardware producers that rely on Google’s Android, here is a heads-up: it’s not technology that drives anymore. Building robots (or “Androids”) is no longer a design trend. On the contrary, the less visible the “robot” inside, the stronger the customer attachment.  I’m not inventing things now, I just summarize; it’s a change of mindset that Apple was successfully able to manage. 

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Doesn’t it taste like Matrix to you? The editing of the matrix was creating duplicates…? Anybody?

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Kontra’s Counternotions strike against “legal cloning”. He must be pissed off by previous post’s comments…

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Free content kills

Peter Vesterbacka (“Angry Birds” developer) Paid content just doesn’t work on Android. This is no news for most of us, of course. But just add Kontra’s insight about 2011 cheap Android’s expansion:  So the Android crusaders will be circling us in 2011, swinging … Continue reading

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TIPb on iPhone usability

TIPb on iPhone usability “My 2 year old godson can use iPhone well. He can turn it on. He can find and launch his apps. He can play his games and read along with Dr. Seuss and Disney. About all … Continue reading

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About phones and tabs reviews’ faults

I was watching the web yesterday crunching Samsung Tab and I thought it’s good to remember several things regarding reviews and first impressions: First and most important – all evolved OS devices are behaving increasingly worse in time. Mainly because … Continue reading

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Compared realism: #N97, #HTC Hero, #iPhone4

Stefan Constantinescu ranted beautifully against Nokia demo movies made entirely, pixel by pixel on a computer.  During my 1.5 years at Nokia I saw many of these concept videos shown. They’re made by pixel pushers as a goal, an ideal, of … Continue reading

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