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Another Apple PR error #iPhone4

Jobs said on 16th they had only found out about an antenna problem after iPhone 4 release, so they started looking around in the field for customers having this problem. This is not true: 1. For the first time Jobs … Continue reading

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Bluetooth versus Antenna – iPhone 4

I would like to play the devil advocate regarding current Apple PR. There are 3 mil iPhones 4 released; also, there are at least as many iPhones 3GS upgraded to iOS 4. All those devices share at least one software … Continue reading

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About outselling iPhone 4

Some phone outsells iPhone… People are very inert; they keep talking about iPhone as being a phone. Why would you keep rejecting the idea of a new category device which shares only one spec with a phone?! The only common … Continue reading

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Excellent PR – Apple’s antenna

This is the correct approach I hopped for: “The external antenna on iPhone 4 is located in the stainless steel band. The attenuation weak spot is the black strip in the lower left corner of the band.” Here is … Continue reading

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Jobs officially accuses Google in antennagate

“I guess it’s just human nature: when some group or some organization gets successful, there’s always a group of people who want to tear it down. I see it happening with Google, and I think to myself: why are they … Continue reading

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The Wall Street Journal about Apple’s doing evil

My 10 bucks say WSJ is not happy about making that an ugly WSJ app for AppStore, therefore not happy about Apple riding the tide. This is how a big boy slides from friends to enemies over night. Remember the … Continue reading

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Apple iOS 4.1 and Bluetooth

It seems iOS 4.1 has some news for BT stack (the visible ones are media controls over BT); I wonder if the bug is still there! Let’s see how the new OS is doing! Here is the IntoMobile article:

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