The herd

If you put a sheep to lead the herd, instead of a ram, there are several consequences you’ll notice:

– the herd will eventually move in circle: the leading sheep will try to follow, and the tail of the herd is the perfect thing to be followed;

– there is no way making the herd move from one place to another, as it is stuck in the circle I’ve mentioned above;

– all the reports you’ll be getting will show tremendous activity inside the herd: all the individuals ARE really making efforts, although without a point;

– changing the “leading” sheep with just another sheep won’t have any consequences;

– once the circle started, there is no way some other individual (be it a ram or not) to take the lead, as the circle is self-sufficient;

– the herd will eventually starve to death, as the grass within the vicious circle is consumed;

– as the herd dies of starvation, you’ll have difficult times getting results from it

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