AOL buys Huffington Post – what you see and what you don’t

AOL owns now Huffington Post, Engadget and TechCrunch, which means, by their calculations, around 117 million unique readers.

It seems they’ve got now everything they needed to become no 1 media company in tech. It only seems so.

The most important condition would be for AOL to support this new community of editors and maintain its quality. That’s a big shift in company’s structure and objectives and it’s not related to AOL’s previous success as an ISP.

I may go even farther and say its previous success is also its main handicap; that big of a change should be possible only if almost all the past structures, procedures, departments and projects forgotten, all the execs swapped and massive quantities of “new young blood” brought into one place, under one single “orchestra conductor”; on top of all of these, this orchestra conductor has to be a visionary.

Maybe everything is already set in AOL’s backyard, but what we see is only the part of the iceberg that floats.

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