PlayBook tethering vs Apple’s Exciter


Secured corporate data that you’re using on the PlayBook while tethered is essentially on loan — it’ll disappear as soon as you disconnect [your BB phone]

All the data is transferred between PlayBook and BB phone via encrypted Bluetooth connection. That will limit the extent of tethered traffic, therefore I don’t think we’re going to see massive streaming or syncing between the two. At least there’ll be no AirPlaying, anyway. It still is a good argument for enterprise usage, unless…

I remember Apple filing for somehow a similar patent back in august 2010

PatentlyApple: this and this

The communication between two devices goes beyond just iPhones. The two devices could be any combination of devices that include an iPod, a Blackberry, MacBook/notebook, camera and/or medical equipment

We see today iOS 4.3 coming with the first step – airplaying everything from any app. Imagine what if, at the of 2011, we’ll be able to “airplay” something else than multimedia.

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