Viber – free calls, if you can!

Viber – free calls, if you can!

I’ve been playing with Viber for 24 hours now. As you can see in the above link, Gruber finds its goods and bads, from marketing and user experience point of view.

And he’s right, given one condition: this damn thing to actually work!

The “hi” and “bye” commands are misinterpreted by the server, so you are either able to call once then wait for 30 mins till the server times out, or you never get to have the call through.

Reject command is also misinterpreted, so the caller never gets to know you rejected his call.

Of course, this is no big deal for the guys handling VOIP protocols and codecs, but for a simple user like me it’s a damn pain in the ass. Forget about user experience, I’m pissed off!

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