False war. Some logic, please!

There’s a false war going between Apple’s and Android’s fanboys (it doesn’t really matter you don’t call yourself this way).

Apple has “user experience” as mantra. For Jobs the customer is a spoiled child, but a child who deserves his attention and his best efforts. Therefore, he strives hard to deliver what he thinks it’s best for this child, even when from the appearances it may look the other way around.

For Google, it doesn’t really matter who’s on the other side of the screen; Google / Schmidt runs iterations on the same individual from different perspectives (categories): he treats the same individual as a male / female, young / old, illiterate / scholar etc., concurrently and consequently, all over again, for billions and billions of times.
Google doesn’t care you cry, laugh or die, not because they’re insensitive, but because maths never cared about good or evil! They care about you being exposed to appropriate content, to relevant content (you can read “ad” but there’s no difference).

Their main assets are these: one cares, the other counts.

It’s in their structure, in their bones to do this way, not else! These companies are built on these very different and clear grounds from scratch.

Both of them wanna sell you things, but hey! That’s the price for having magic toys and relevant content in your pocket!
(On the other hand, the more money they make, the bigger their potential to address you properly they have. I said “potential”!)

You can’t say a thing about them as being good or evil; yet. Both of them have “huge potential” to fall or rise into these two ends, but only one way to get there: pretending to be something.

Now here comes the easy part: if one says it’s something that’s not, then it’ll be evil. If it says it’s something that it really has to be, then it may have a chance to be good.

Telling between the lies and truths of a company or a person should be something people must learn and learn quickly.

The way to tell lies from truth is, luckily, simple: what was that company built for, what was its real ground? It was X. What are they telling us now? Non-X. This is a lie and this company is evil without a doubt.

Now think hard: who’s pretending to be what they were never built for? (Forget the “why”, there are several billion reasons why)

When you’ll find a clear answer to this question, then you’ve found the “evil one”.

This is the way to find a hollow objective in a company structure and strategy and it never works the other way around: using this logic you’ll never find the “good”, only the “evil”.

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