The essence of a mass smartphone

“When I’ve got nothing to do, I just wanna look into my phone and get something to do. With it, not with another person. Calling is boring, I just want any nice bullshit app to keep me unfocused from my concerns”.

So Android is not ready yet for the masses. It has to look much nicer, move much quicker and swap apps much faster, even if it’s only a fart app that you’re playing with.

I was playing the other day with an absolute bullshit app for iPhone, called “The button”. You have to be really bored to launch it, but what do you know? I’ve played it, after a very long workday. I’ve played it like a zombie, laughing at how stupid should I be to play that.

It’s only today, after talking with this friend of mine (whom I’ve quoted above) that I realized why I spent more minutes than normal with a stupid app: it looked beautiful and was very responsive.

I doubt anybody would be able to sell or free distribute this kind of app in Market or OVI! Not because their developers are so smarter than iOS’s (because they’re the same, probably), but because a “button app” would only look horrific without graphic support, sw or hw.

(Also, that’s why Zinga sells like hell).

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