Compared realism: #N97, #HTC Hero, #iPhone4

Stefan Constantinescu ranted beautifully against Nokia demo movies made entirely, pixel by pixel on a computer. 

During my 1.5 years at Nokia I saw many of these concept videos shown. They’re made by pixel pushers as a goal, an ideal, of what the company wants to achieve. The reality is that these dreams rarely, more like never, make the transition into the real world.

Then I remembered the horror… I had one friend of mine working for hours at a paper N97 model just to make fun of me being SOOOO eager to get my hands on it… One month later I was literally crying of despair in front of a total unresponsive GUI and so on. 

I would like for you to take a look at the following demo movies. As if you’d be seeing them for the first time. 

Can you tell why the iPhone one is so much more realistic than the others? 

Now, do you remember how is Steve Jobs charisma called? “Reality Distortion Field”.

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