Guess who’s who!

Just a small an’ quick exercise:

In the image above there are 2 phones compared. I have edited the image so you can’t tell the distinctive specifications of each of the phones.

What I can tell you for sure is this:

1. Both phones are available unlocked

2. Both phones record HD videos. The left one has a 7 MP camera, the right one has a 5 MP camera.

3. The price:  the one in the left is around 630$, the right one is 770$ (before any subsidies)

4. Both phones are issued recently.

5. Both phones have access to large application markets.

6. User experience: the phone in the left is extremely lazy compared to the one in the right (like 3-5 times slower in terms of reaction time to user interactions). Two of the main reasons are very likely to be CPU clock and RAM differences.

The question is:

Is this enough for you to choose to buy one or another?

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