What legal jailbreak means

Let’s summarize:

  • “allow owners of used cell phones to break access controls on their phones in order to switch wireless carriers.”
  • “no basis for copyright law to assist Apple in protecting its restrictive business model.”

That’ll be mobile OSes

  • “allow people to break technical protections on video games to investigate or correct security flaws.”

That’ll be video games

  • “allow college professors, film students and documentary filmmakers to break copy-protection measures on DVDs so they can embed clips for educational purposes, criticism, commentary and noncommercial videos.”

That’ll be content

  • “allow blind people to break locks on electronic books so that they can use them with read-aloud software and similar aides.”

That’ll be ebooks.

What it means is nobody will ever be able to attack the breakage in the court: from Apple, Amazon, Universal, Warner, Ubisoft, Blizzard, EA Games to AT&T etc. none of them would ever win a case if no Copyright infringement proven. Officially, say Google can now support jailbreaking the iOS, while some other ghost companies can sell the hacked apps and the content which are now officially ripped.

Which means open war you’ll never see on TV.

What you see above are the few green leafs left of US industry being teared apart.

I’m looking forward to also seeing: allow breaking any software, allow breaking any desktop OS.

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