Will it still fly?!

So, I’ve bought a fighter today; my wife and kids were bitching me for months to have our own military jet plane, so here I am standing by it in our garden.

It costed premium, of course, but it looks like a diamond! My kids never stepped out of it today, my wife is cooking better already and all our friends started fund raising in order to have their own, someday!

To be honest, I’m very found of it, but… The paint… Well, the paint is not what I’ve hopped for; red is what I would have loved, therefore this dark grey seems a bit too serious to me and my family.

Also, there are some small, very small details that I would have loved to be a bit different, just a bit! Instead of all these huge levers I would have put one nice 24 buttons joystick with force feedback…

An’ also, the wings seem to be a little too big, it looks like this plane will never make into our garage… Maybe I could…

But, God, do I love my fighter! It looks gorgeous!

Well, maybe it’s a bit noisy when taking off, but there are some quick fixes that I’m already thinking of…

My kids always dreamt of a convertible, so, maybe from time to time we’ll leave the cockpit home while flying to their grandparents at the country side…

I was watching Discovery the other day, they were saying the afterburn is actually meant for fuel saving only, so I’m thinking I have enough money anyway…

And of course, I’ll put all those missiles inside the plane! I really hate things hanging. It looks like there should be enough room next to the engine…

Actually, I heard the neighbors got themselves a nice Porsche convertible. I hate them! Their Porsche is doing everything my fighter doesn’t!! And they’ll never have the problems that I’ll be having with all the tinkering waiting for me…

Not to mention I had to sign some hundreds of papers for this piece of shit, some national security crap I would never hear if I were buying a car!

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