Comments on Wired article #iPhone 4, #attfail

“Frankly, you’re descending into a gossip column. Nice details, I guess, but so what? You know what the ultimate truth is? Our wireless system stinks. The individual companies have been allowed to make us their serfs. We have poorer connectivity than other countries because our government allows itself to be pushed around by corporate cash. Of COURSE all phones will be the iPhone or more in use of data. Individual networks should be forced into using a single system. GSM, I guess, since it’s the world standard. Buy an AT&T account or a Verizon or whatever, and you must have access to ALL towers. If the closest one is Verizon, my AT&T call goes in that way, and gets handed back ASAP to AT&T. Same goes, vice-versa. Make it more like the Internet. Build up a public backbone too, and allow entrepreneurs to build towers too. Let them collect money based on use from the carriers.

Time for an Eisenhower cellphone superhighway. The hell with these little, nonsensical disputes. Are you actually trying to EXPOSE the fact that Jobs is, uh, strong-willed? That AT&T pays more for its myriad billing departments than for improving service?”

I tend to agree this will be the future the telcos should expect.

Wired article here :

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