Another Apple PR error #iPhone4

Jobs said on 16th they had only found out about an antenna problem after iPhone 4 release, so they started looking around in the field for customers having this problem.

This is not true:
1. For the first time Jobs presented an accessory at the launch date: the bumper ~ 30 $.

We thought that time it supposed to protect the phone from scattering – which was incorrect. The bumper was not thick enough to avoid scattering.

2. Moreover, the main tool Jobs used at the 16th of July press conference, to stop the stock down trip, was – what do you know? – to offer for free the same bumper that supposedly avoids the death grip!

How did they know a bumper would be the exact solution before the launch date, so they decided to show it as a “nice accessory”?!

Therefore the bumper had a clear and targeted objective from the beginning, before the launch date: to avoid the “death grip”.

That’s another error which says the PR team Apple’s using is inexperienced.

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