About outselling iPhone 4

Some phone outsells iPhone…

People are very inert; they keep talking about iPhone as being a phone. Why would you keep rejecting the idea of a new category device which shares only one spec with a phone?!

The only common thing is both can call, same way both dragonflies and chimps have heads. It’s true, but not essential.

If you don’t get it, try to fit tight an iPad into a laptop bag! When you succeed, you can call your iPad a laptop.

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One Response to About outselling iPhone 4

  1. mars says:

    Excellent point of view man!
    You’ve hit the right approach! You’re the happy type that can see the whole forest, even when facing the tree 🙂
    Steve Jobs is just the best out of the very best, human kind should be proud of!
    We shall be ashamed when – and if – we shall realize the dimension of his genius work, the dimension of his humanity and honesty. Not to mention he did all under overwhelming, unnecessary pressure.

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