Physics what?!

What do you know, iPhour antenna issue “may” be caused by phone physics, says Anandtech and IntoMobile. And UtestMe.

Anandtech (on 6/30/2010 4:06:00 AM):

“The fact of the matter is that cupping the bottom left corner and making skin contact between the two antennas does result in a measurable difference in cellular reception. (…) At the end of the day, Apple should add an insulative coating to the stainless steel band, or subsidize bumper cases. It’s that simple”

UtestMe (Published 2010/06/24):

“The idea is this: the real issue is not touching the black separation strip between antennas, but short-circuiting the distinct antennas! While you’re touching 2 distinct antennas, the signal gets noisy because of frequencies mix-up.  Actually, touching the black rubber band puts in contact 2 frequencies that should never be mingled. (…) A small strip of Zagg insulation (or whatever transparent thin foil you may find) that prevents touching 2 different antennas in the same time will do.”

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