Communism vs Apple

Mobile / Techrunch:

“The folks at iSuppli have found that iPhone 4, according to their estimates, cost $188 to make. While this is almost comically low, it says something about Apple’s ability to mass produce phones and the high margins they’re able to make on relatively low-cost products.”

I’m really surprised to see such a point of view in an online tech publication…

One friend of mine was saying the other day: “If somebody invents the Star Trek beaming machine out of two forks and half baked potato, there would be no way for this machine to be priced as the sum of its physical components; thinking this way it’s pure communism, to just equalize the price to the costs”.

Of course, most of you guys have no clue of what economical communism means, but putting it simple, it’s like that: the only two components of the price are the cost of the materials plus the cost of the work implied in manufacturing the final product.

Actually, the communists that scared America never existed; the real communists had extremely strong believes, all of them being either wrong or wrong and murderous.

“Price equals costs” lies into the second type of believes : wrong and murderous. It emphasizes the importance of physical labor against intellectual strategy, it forcedly equals the material inputs to the material outputs of a society.

Therefore, a locksmith would ever be more important than a teacher, a farmer would ever be more important than an engineer.  Nothing murderous so far, but! The communists took this just a bit further and killed most of the intellectuals, just because the saw no value of any kind in their work, knowledge and therefore in their lives. Of course, they’ve done that “for the general good of the masses”. And of course the killers were some stupid mother fuckers who just tried to protect their asses forever by this vast and thorough killing. Which they kind of managed.

One of the main consequences is the wretched ex communist countries:  most of them never made up through their own mud: they lack the social, cultural and economic “know-how”; because they killed the knowledge communities that knew, some generations ago. Those countries are growing stupid each day, without proper intellectual import.

You’ll say now: how is this related to the iPhone 4 costs and price? If you do, then it’s already too late and you lost your time reading this.

But if you don’t, then let me give you a hint: how about giving you 188 USD and nothing else; could you make the product as-it-is?? Or how about giving you the whole amount, 188 USD X 1,800,000 pieces: would you be able to replicate the event? Let’s give this money to HTC or Nokia: will they be able to do create and execute the iPhone 4 event ?…

So, I guess, there should be something more besides the two forks and a half baked potato…?

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