Nokia E72 noise cancellation issue

I was happy Nokia decided to improve noise reduction technology when the launch announced, but there I am playing with two units showing the same issue: the voice-out gets completely wiped or the callee experience very low volume voice.

The noise cancellation should work this way:

The main mic captures everything, voice louder the the ambient noise, being so close to the mouth; the secondary mic capture mainly ambient noise, being placed on the other end of the phone. Then a comparison is made within phone computation guts and the voice should be outed loud and clear.

Well, here it doesn’t seem to be the case: if the main mic capture noise too, E72 cannot distinguish between the two inputs, so it cuts everything coming from this main mic. i.e. : the wind blows in your main mic, then your output is blank, no matter how loud you talk.

It also may be some case architecture issue implied, as I’ve seen many sensitive mics and speakers to hardware chips inside the case.

Did you experienced this with your E72?

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