TUAW Polling iAd

Great idea, TUAW!

Devs: almost 60% of the respondents would use iAD in their free apps

I’m skipping advertising entirely in my apps 207 (11.1%)
I am planning to use a different ad provider — assuming Apple lets me 55 (2.9%)
I’m going into iAds tentatively to see how things go 260 (13.9%)
I’m jumping into iAds with both feet, and am planning to add iAds across my apps. Viva ad revenue! 342 (18.3%)
I’m undecided. 89 (4.8%)
Something else. I’ll tell you in the comments 4 (0.2%)
No vote. Please show me the results. 916 (48.9%)

Users: almost 45% of the respondents would like iAD:

I hate advertising 715 (30.6%)
I am lukewarm 202 (8.6%)
Bring it on — in free apps. I’d love more, better free apps. 868 (37.2%)
I am open to ads in all apps, both free and paid 111 (4.8%)
I don’t like Apple collecting analytics on me 82 (3.5%)
I’m adopting a wait and see attitude, or am otherwise undecided. 221 (9.5%)
No vote. Please show me the results. 137 (5.9%)

( these results came out at the time this article was published; for a real time result, follow the link below)


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