New monthly headline: the human retina

Nobody thought, till WWDC, how the human eye works! Nobody! At least none of us, geeks. All we knew was a game has a decent resolution if HD, and a phone has to be at least VGA.

Now we are talking about human visual perception, asking specialists and calculate focal distances, as if it’s a matter of life and death.

Actually, the whole focus lies on constant trial to prove Steve Jobs a liar, or at least wrong.

This is not new; each successful person and each successful competitive company follow the same path. The new thing in this case is media relentlessness.

It’s a good sign media barks, but a bad one they bark at the wrong tree.

Steve Jobs is, of course, distorting the reality, this should be beyond argumentation. He may also lie, in some critical situations, no doubt. But man, where are you guys, Wired, Slashgear, GigaOm and so on, looking?! At the retina display? Are you sure Jobs lied if humans could perceive much more than he mentioned in his keynote?! Are you sure Apple will sell less iPhones 4 if Jobs says 12′ instead of 18′?! Is Android going to look / sell better if Jobs lied about the human visual perception and his featured display?!

Actually, are you really sure this is Apple’s and Jobs’ Achilles heel? ‘Cause I’m not at all!

There are at least 5 things media didn’t touch, not even by mistake, about Jobs and his new baby, things that might change the picture, a bit. But Retina Display is not amongst them!

Let’s say you prove the guy was totally and purposely wrong; what’s next? They’ve lost a prototype in a bar and kept going and doing better!

Jobs has to distort the reality; it’s his job and it’s his gift to be believed by audience. He is an excellent actor and director because he strongly believes what’s saying. But what you missed here is that he believes that strong because he’s been doing everything with his own hands, having everything in his head, from one end to another.

The only way to prove Jobs lies is to kill him then look into his brains for those lies.

This is business, as usual.

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