On iPad fratricidal sins

Yesterday’s Inquirer’s Nick Farell made me think some of the Americans are stupid and sold to devil as well. This guy made his suppositions around the idea of iPad being a threat to its brothers Mac Books and iPhones, mainly because Steve Jobs himself wrongfully chose to position his newest child as an universal replacement of everyday machines we need.

In other words, instead of competing against notebooks and net books, it’s more than clear that iPad is competing against its brother brands because iPad is replacing everything…

I’m still laughing. I’d say maybe windows 7 is guilty on the same charges?? What about Ford’s 1908’s mass production engines against horses? Or, what about James Cameron’s “Avatar”, is it killing his previous movies?

Besides Farell intentions which might be unclear or just wrong, I’ve just seen iPad having at least two attributes helping it in this “cruel” world: it’s an excellent machine and a piece of art.

The consequence of being a fine machine is people being happy after buying it; the consequence of being a piece of art is people having next to irrational impulse to buy it. They do not mix in any way, under any circumstances.

What Farell messes up are these two iPad’s attributes and their results. He thinks iPad has this huge sales success because it’s such a good machine and that’s also why people come to like it so much. This is the death of art and it could only be conducted by a dumb engineer (no offense implied).

I’m also pleased John Gruber laughed too.

P.S.: WordPress for iPad sucks big time, no copy / paste, no links, no quotes…!

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