Nokia kinetics

Nokia wants patent on self-regenerating phone batteries, piezoelectrics and much magic involved — Engadget., quoting Symbian-Freak

It seems Nokia has figured out to port the watches’ kinetic technology into its phones. This means you will be able to recharge the phone while walking, as you do now with your watch.

I’ve been using smartphones since first S60 and I can tell you these toys are really power greedy!

I can’t help imagining people running their buts in the afternoons in order to replenish the battery for an important call or email…

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5 Responses to Nokia kinetics

  1. from what i know, patents are available for new tech, not for old tech applied to a different size…

    @ Johnny – i wouldn’t say that girl is hot.. she’s just very well gifted by mother nature; one thing i cant exactly say about nokia’s latest tech releases 😀
    @ Oli – let’s just hope one wont need THAT chest to recharge the goddamn device

  2. Mr Green says:

    The picture has absolutely nothing related to Nokia; but I thought it’d be great to show somebody running… like this. I’ve picked it up, for marketing purposes exclusively. Here is another instance. Still running, so still related to the topic. Kind of…

  3. Johnny says:

    Seriously, I don’t know if this picture was chosen by Nokia for this campaign or if it is some kind of joke…
    You can’t put that hot girl to sell your product! One look at the pic and you’ll forget what were you looking for in the first place (at least that happened to me :P)

  4. DJ says:

    This picture just kncked myzefl out:-)

  5. Oli says:

    Kenetic recharging would be awesome but they need to miniturise the technology a bit. It’s not practical to run around with something that large strapped to your chest. You’ll knock yourself out.

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