Nokia N900 battery life (2)

Finally I’ve been able to see for myself how the battery runs for real with this device.

First, my E71 had the longest battery life: 10 hours. It doesn’t really matter what I’ve been doing with it, but mainly I used a lot the mobile internet modem for mailing, IM and browsing.

Now, today is my third day with N900 and here is my 5 cents: 11 hours with permanent IM presence and chat, 15 mins polling – 2 mail accounts, media player, RSS feeder with 2 hours polling, browsing, youtube, GSm and SIP calls etc.

Don’t get scared; instead of 11 hours autonomy, the majority of you can read 24-26 hours. But for the few of you, geeks, who used to have a secondary battery for an E71, well… You still need a spare battery or:

DC-11 external battery:

Nokia DC-11 External battery pack + power adapter - Li-Ion 1500 mAh

DC-11 can fully recharge your N900’s 1320 mA in 1 hour.

11 hours might not seem too much, but take a break and compare E71 specs to N900’s; you’ll discover 11 hours is at least impressive. On the other hand, my Lenovo S12 lasts only 4-5 hours in moderate usage…

There again,  Nokia N900 is beyond my expectation.

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