I’d like better previews for Nokia N900!

Nokia N900 has emerged, so I’m sniffing Youtube for video reviews.

Problem is all the reviews are like ads: features and new stuff… Which is not such a bad thing, but in this very case, it can be useless for targeted market.

What am I saying here: take a multimedia phone; a review should be a show off of its video and music features, ok. On the other hand, if the reviewed device is next to a computer in terms of GUI, multitasking, battery life, OS and stuff, I’m expecting some serious tests and opinions.

I.E. :

– How long the battery lasts in continuous avi playback or in continuous gameplay?

– Show me an MS Exchange setup, for God sake! Show me exchange sync!  Is the calendar working with contacts or against them?

– Show me a SIP call; show me a GTalk call on the go! How much bandwidth do these VOIP calls take?

– Can the screen be successfully used with an excel spreadsheet with that many rows and columns or not?

– Is virtual QWERTY / 12 phone keys keyboards present or not in portrait?

– How is the one hand usage?

– How is the device working after 1 hour of heavy browsing? How about after 1 hour of multitasking?

Come on guys, an N900 is not supposed to beat the latest SE Walkman, but the Android and iPhone!

– Where are the apps for Maemo 5?

– How is a movie looking on both iPhone and Maemo ?

On the other hand, be it in Stuttgart or in some Italian / French basement, nobody had a decent mobile connection! Nobody could really show how is the browser really doing Flash because “You know, the connection is not great here…”.

In some cases, when officials from Nokia tried to show this or that feature which required internet connection, the browser simply showed back “Unable to reach this page” panic message…

See below the most decent video review for N900 (French)

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