Nokia Games overview

There is no such a thing as “Nokia games”.

If you play a while with an iPhone, this is the logical conclusion, without any shadow of a doubt.

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3 Responses to Nokia Games overview

  1. ctgk69 says:

    Well, I think there isn’t such a game, but I DO have some classifications:
    -best bluetooth game: Global race: raging thunder – supports(tested) 4 players real-time connected with good speed/ also Asphalt 1 can do the same…
    -best gameplay: warcraft 2 I guess…(and Starcraft when it comes out) 😀
    -best quality graphics: Quake 3 Arena, Star Wars: the force unleashed, Pandemonium
    *I don’t think there is a Best Game Ever, the candidates could be some N-gage games and also the ones mentioned above, but my personal favourite is Asphalt 1

  2. Mr Green says:

    Btw, what’s the best Nokia game ever?

  3. ctgk69 says:

    Unfortunately, I have to disagree with that… Oh yeah, there Are Nokia games, known for their incapability of designing a game that can AT LEAST USE THE PHONE’S POWER AT IT’S FULL POTENTIAL, without taking Gameplay into account. They should Open Their Blind Eyes(perhaps it’s a temporary issue, but they might remain like this…) and start promoting their Platforms!!! Come now, Iphone is competing with Nokia for a few years, and Nokia is Starting to lose ground? Omg, it’s like stated is the movie: Ape’s Planet… 🙂 😀

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