Nokia’s touch OS was born retarded

1. I was looking some minutes ago at HTC Hero . Some days before I was looking at iPhone’s SIMs .

2. Now, Symbian Foundation announced yesterday its future Symbian ^2  ,whose beta will be released in couple of weeks.

3. Today, Nokia UK CEO stated his “confidence” N97 will overtake iPhone 3GS, possibly as a reaction to some “rummors” in the market studies saying the other way around…
Fighting back, in PR, is always a sign of weakness.

And I can only say: my God! You really need to be blinded by love for Nokia not to see how ugly their GUI is and what a not-a-real-touch-screen they’ve been using on their own flagship, N97! It looks like they are writing code for their enemies!

I hope we’re not watching the fall of an empire, as it seems.

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