Manowar LIVE in Bucharest and N97 LIVE streams comparison

“Manowar was here”  is what I should engrave on my N97. Extraordinary live performace last night in Bucharest (5th of July), although there were some hiccups: 2 high voltage generators were burnt in the first 20 mins (yeah, I know, it’s Manowar!)

While the stuff members were trying to fix those generators, DeMaio had a small… well, stand-up in … Romanian.

The main message was: “we know where we are (Bucharest, not Budapest, as Metallica screwed it up in ‘99) and we know where are we heading for. We’ll play heavy metal with or without voltage generators!”. Simply perfect.

Below you’ll find some N97 footage, live from Qik, YouTube and Ovi for quality comparison purposes.

1. Here is Manowar entering the scene: the movie suddenly stops because one guy flew over our heads and smashed into my phone (2.5 m drop on concrete – not a single scratch!).

For the sake of comparison, this one was uploaded directly to Ovi (first con: the video is played automatically when loading the page)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2.  This is the longest one, which YouTube rejected for being longer than 10 mins. It’s posted directly on Qik, from built in Qik for N97:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3. This one is YouTubed from Qik, using share networks from Qik profile manager:

4. This one is uploaded straight from the phone:

Few words regarding N97 behaviour during streaming:

– normal battery heating after 10-11 minutes of streaming

– when buffering (for Qik) there were 2 crashes due to huge file size (originals over 80 MB)

– when uploading to OVI – the phone became very sluginsh, even irresponsive – 1 manual reboot

– fine render while zooming images causes “Photos”  to restart; sometimes fine rendering in zoom is not working at all (regardless of streaming)

– the built in Qik worked flawless: smooth control while crunching, excellent communication between client and server (exception: buffering, but I suspect it’s not the app but the OS).

– excellent ergonomics while shooting

Stay tuned for more

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