Ovi Contacts for touch S60 v5 – a sad experience

Finally, Ovi contacts available for Nokia touch screens too.

It’s something, but the engine is almost 4 years old and there is absolutelly no improvement. The app is really slow, the functions are the same as in Gizmo 5 for Nokia, the bugs are there.

From what I’ve learnt ( Ovi contacts forum ), I am one of the lucky ones who :
1. Managed to download the app
2. Managed to keep the app alive for more then just seconds after logging in.

Here are some shots:




In my opinion the app is less than a beta, it’s just a junk Nokia thrown away 3 years ago when they left in misery Gizmo 5 and came with the “fresh” Nokia Chat (which was Gizmo 5 joint venture project), now Ovi Contacts (previously Nokia Chat)…

Here’s is a small list of bugs that you may find filed 3 years ago under “Gizmo 5 for Nokia” issues, bugs also present here on Ovi Contacts for 5th edition touch screen Nokias, in 2009:
– very sluggish app (switch between tabs, main app switched to chat window, contact click brings the chat window with a 5 sec delay etc)
– in multiple chat tabs, when switching between tabs, the cursor is going always at the top of the page, to the oldest posts, so you have to scroll dozens of lines to see the latest post
– closing the chat window erases chat history
– vibration prompt is always on, depending only on phone profile
– no visual background notification for new messages
– no VOIP
– huge battery drain because of too much data needed for presence (the modem keeps working all the time)

I’m disapointed as hell. I’ll still be using Ovi Contacts though because I still believe in a recovery miracle.

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