iPhone 3GS hardware sneak peek vs Nokia N97 HW (en)

T-Mobile has just figured out they were not suppose to show the hardware specs of the 3GS, so the specs are no longer on their website. But here they are:

600 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, PowerVR SGX GPU

(thanks to Engadget)

As you can see, this really is a powerful beast!

I wish I could see the same specs in Nokia N97, but… alas!

N97 sports only a 434 MHz ARM 11 CPU; 128 MB of RAM and no graphic support (although it seems there is a video decoder chip well hidden and unofficial, in charge with smoothening out the videos and generally multimedia content).

In my opinion, the only thing which can make now a huge difference is the applications and their functionality. Ovi Store + Nokia Music Store are striving hard to cope with iTunes, but the handicap is clear.  Apple thought and spoke clear and loud from the beginning: WE ARE OPEN TO DEVS!

Nokia is still far away from this, simply because they were thinking a huge market share was enough, so that opening their doors to devs was not money-wise. And they thought wrong.

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