iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N97 – en


– iPhone 3GS is sold in America today with 199 USD by Sprint AT&T contract (which led to lower prices earlier version, the iPhone 3G only 99 USD) On the other hand, Sprint contract is 2 years, at least 30 USD / month, or by acquisition “contract free, but through Sprint – 700 USD

– Nokia N97 is sold in America today with 699 USD contract free (Nokia 5800 is approx. 300 USD at this moment);


– 3GS iPhone will be sold at subsidized price by several U.S. operators, and worldwide via 22 operators

– Nokia N97 is sold only in Nokia’s own stores in the U.S., subsidies are exclusively supported by operators.


– ITunes – open platform that has created, at least in the U.S. a huge momentum

– Ovi Store – platform in developing for the Symbian Foundation is trying to attract developers for OS X


– U.S. – mainly iPhone, apparently lost market for Nokia

– Europe – Nokia dominates, users are already trained for years of Nokia  subculture and millions or EUROs


– Nokia invests consistently in development of tens of models of smartphones, and N97, although not a “lion heart” (ARM 11 434 MHz CPU, no GPU) is the result of ergonomic studies and design and an overlapping sensor and functions “in fashion”. Additionally: 5 MP camera, 30 fps video recording

– 3GS iPhone is the top multi-touch support and probably graphic RAM (for now, Apple has not communicated the specifications), but lower on the 3.15 MP camera and ergonomics (only virtual keyboard).


– N97: editor office support, exchange server, web server, FTP client / server, SSH, etc., multitasking

– IPhone 3GS: support dynamic 2D/3D graphics applications, better integration with Google applications without multitasking


Any comparison between the iPhone (3GS or 3G) and the Nokia N97 would be inappropriate both in terms of market niche, and logistics. On the other hand, if Nokia wanted to catch a bridgehead in U.S. terminals with touch, it does not seem to succeed.

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4 Responses to iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N97 – en

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  2. Just Me says:

    The iPhone is on AT&T, not sprint.

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